Water World Vertex Desktop 10 Gallon Aquarium Kit By Penn Plax


The VERTEX Desktop 10 Gallon tank Kit makes for a simple and easy introduction to aquarium ownership. Ideal for adults and children alike. This kit is great for any beginner, or for those looking for an all-in-one solution.

  • Capacity: 10 Gallons
  • Convenient for small spaces
  • Unique Design, Great For Beginners
  • Measurements: 13.75” H x 13.75” W x 13.75” D

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This Penn Plax aquarium tank is uniquely designed for bedrooms, offices, and classrooms in mind. It is truly perfect for small or unused spaces: a desk, dresser, or even on top of the old file cabinet.

The frame-less tank is made from finely constructed bent glass that’s 1/8” thick. At the front, it features 2 curved corners, allowing for unobstructed views from all angles. Additionally, the kit comes with a translucent hinge-style lid.

This kit contains almost everything you need to get started. It includes 10 Gallon Glass Tank, Cascade Power Hang-On Filter, Therma-Temp Full-Range Digital Thermometer, and a scoop fish net.

Please note that fish gravel and decorations seen in the image are sold separately.

Great for Shrimp and Small Fish!

Additional information

Weight 18.70 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 19 × 18 in


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