Aquaculture Black Night Light Bulb 75 Watt

$ 8.99

  • Reliable heat for reptiles. Provides heat during nighttime cycle.
  • Reference table on box. Shows recommended distance to place bulb from reptile.
  • Recommended 12-hour nighttime use. Alternate with daytime bulb.
  • For nighttime viewing. Black light does not disrupt your pet’s sleep.


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Reliable, long-lasting heat source for your sleepy gecko.

Our night light bulb provides consistent temperatures while providing enough light to view your reptile during the night without disrupting their sleep cycle. Best used with a timer, alternating with a daytime bulb for a 12-12 hour sleep schedule. Comes with instructions on how to place lamp to provide the optimal amount of heat for your pet. Produces three types of light: ultraviolet, visible and infrared. Lasts approximately 3500 hours, 75 watt.



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