Dog size is not a factor in determining the price.
10% discount on the final bill for all Senior Citizens and Assistance Dogs.
If you have 6 or more dogs, we need to do a custom bid on your location. Your custom bid is done by an experienced employee from Mr. Swift Scoop. It will be scheduled as soon as possible, at your convenience so PLEASE CALL US at 972-639-1866

  • The One Time Only price is good for 30 minutes of hard labor, followed by the charge of $15.00 for every 15 mins after that. Very rarely do we come across a legendary yard that requires additional time. If that happens to be your yard we would first update you about the situation and have your permission to continue.
    One Time Only price is also applied for the first time cleanup for a yard that hasn’t been cleaned up for a month or more.
    Prepay on once a month & one time Service.
    Accounts that sign up for recurring service, but cancel before the first month is complete, will the have the first visit charged as One Time Only.
    Sales Tax extra where applicable – Sales tax of 8.25% required by the State Law of Texas – This service is considered a taxable grounds cleaning service and is taxed as a real property service under Section 151.0048(a)(4).