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5 Most Famous Pets On Instagram: Insta-Famous Pets

As you may (or may not) know, social media is a great platform for a broad exposure to a massive audience. If you think that only celebrities, athletes, and politicians can garner hundreds of thousands to millions of followers; think again! These pets are giving other Instagram influencers a run for their money. They are cute, cuddly, influential, and above all – INSTA-FAMOUS!

1) JIFFPOM @jiffpom (4.2M followers)

Jiffpom is one of the most-followed pets on Instagram! He bears a blue check mark which means verified just in case you forgot that he’s the cutest pom around.

Being the cutest model for Primark, an international clothing retailer!

NO big deal, just another day; hanging out with one of the most famous Youtubers!

Christmas has never been this Festive!

2) Maru @marutaro (2.5M followers)

Maru is a Shiba Inu living in Japan. But, have crazy fans all around the world. Everyone sure knows that Marutaro is one of the most adorable pets you will ever see in your life. See for yourself!

Maru embraces Japanese culture

How can a dog be cuter than a stuffed toy?

Maru shows that reading can be fun!

3) Nala Cat @nala_cat (3.3M followers)

Nala is a Siamese – Tabby mix and was adopted from a pet shelter. Nala has been screaming cuteness for six years now.

There ain’t no sunglasses Nala can’t pull off!

Look at those eyes!

Festive and cute!

4) Lil Bub @iamlilbub (1.5M followers)

This cat proves that having imperfections does not affect being loved by millions of people. Lil Bub is suffering from dwarfism which can be seen in her stubby legs. Even an extra toe on each leg and an underdeveloped jaw don’t matter, when you look at this adorable cat.

Never seen a cat look so adorable when taking a bath!

Laughing or yawning? Doesn’t matter, still c.u.t.e!

Wallpaper-worthy? Hell YEAH!

5) Venus the Two Face Cat @venustwofacecat (1.2M followers)

Now, If we’re talking about not just being adorable but unique as well, Venus wins the award by a mile! Her owner claims that all of Venus’ photos are unretouched and 0% Photoshopped. When you first see Venus, it is hard to believe – half of Venus’ face is solid black with green eyes, and another half of the face is orange with blue eyes. If you have been following Venus for a while, you have no other choice but to believe.

MAGICAL ! Mystical !

Not sure which side I adore more! ♥

‘People just stare at me in awe’ – Venus

With hundreds of thousands and millions of followers, these pets are crazy famous on Instagram! 

If you have an Instagram account, be sure to follow these pets and get an inside-look on what it’s like to be Insta-famous Pets!

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2 thoughts on “5 Most Famous Pets On Instagram: Insta-Famous Pets

  1. I love Jiff The Pom! Pomeranians are so cute in that cut. My Matilda is getting up there on her @matildawoofwoof account. Our favorite chis are @tcupmimi_thechihuahua and @tinyprincessada!

    1. Matilda is adorable so is Cow. I know you are real proud of your babies Lindsay. They are very lucky to have you as a parent.

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