You Love your dog…
But you sure don’t love having to clean up the mess after your dog.
You have better things to do with that time !!!
It has to be done …
Left to accumulate, dog waste ruins the appearance of your property, attracts disease carrying pests and offends the neighbors – not to mention endangering the health of your own pets and your family.
Somebody has to do it. But that “somebody” doesn’t have to be you !!!
For a surprising low price Mr. Swift Scoop comes to your yard regularly to cleanup and remove all those dog waste for you.
We are a complete dog waste removal service that cleans yards, pens, kennels, flowerbeds, commercial properties including apartments and parks.
Weekly service as low as $ 12.99 for one dog. Additional dogs, only $ 3.00 each.
(Dog size is not a factor in determining price.)
For more details on the pricing visit here.
We make dog-ownership easy and hassle free.
Satisfaction Guaranteed !!!
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