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Finding Rover: A Free App That Helps You Find Lost Pets

What did you do the last time you lost your pet?

Most likely, you first looked around your neighborhood, asked your neighbors and everyone else you stumbled upon.

After not finding your dog for hours, you then probably scrambled around trying to find a photo of your dog.

You made a flyer with the photo, made copies of it and distributed them wherever you possibly could; on trees, in businesses, on the laundry mat, on the walls and so on.

All that effort might have worked for you in finding your pet (and could still work for you) or maybe you and your pet didn’t get that lucky.

Looking for a lost pet the old way could be the thing of the past thanks to a free app; Finding Rover.

Note: Currently Finding Rover only helps find lost dogs but according to our sources, cats are also going to be added in the app very soon.

Since more and more people are using this app, the chances of you finding your lost pet using this app is huge.

After their initial launch in late 2013, this app has been greatly improved in accuracy, hence drastically increasing your chances of finding your lost pet.

John Polimeno and his team from University of Utah are the genius behind this app which uses ‘facial recognition’ technology.

How to use it?

Using this app is very simple. You just have to download the app to your mobile phone (iPhone or Android) or the web, take photo of your dog and then upload the photo in the app.

This revolutionary technology scans the unique features of your pet’s face and keeps it on file. When your dog gets lost and someone finds it, they can take the dog’s photo with their phone and upload it on the app. The photo is then compared to all the dogs in the file, in real time, to see if there is a match.

Once the dogs is matched, the owner’s contact information pops up so whoever finds your dog can get in touch with you to return the dog home.

Here is a quick video on ‘How to register your dog on Finding Rover?

The reason why the chances of finding your lost dog is greater using this app is that there are a whole bunch of organizations around the world that are part of this network since they also use this app. Once you use the app, you become a partner in the network as well.

A network to help find your lost pet.

If you are still not sure how powerful this app is, make sure to read the reunion stories here.

Every year millions of lost pets never get to return home to their rightful owners. You can protect your dog from similar fate by registering your dog in the site. Mind you, the registering process takes less than 30 seconds and it is FREE.

If you ever see a lost dog, take the photo of its face with your phone, download the app and upload the photo in the app. Your little effort can help bring the pet back home to their legitimate owners.

Download the app for free at Finding Rover now! And check out this fun video;

In conclusion, it is literally all about that face. The more people use this app, the more effective it will be. So go ahead, register right now. Let’s bring them all back home.

Share your story on how you lost (and found) your pet and your experience about this app if you use it, in the comments below.

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