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Cats And Keyboard: meow!


Your feline buddy did it. AGAIN !

Have you ever wondered why your cat always likes to stay on top of your computer keyboard at every chance it gets?

If your cat does this too; my friends, you are not alone in this. Many other cats do it. Google ‘cats and keyboard‘ and you will see what I am talking about.

Although there are no words from the experts yet, many cat owners have drawn some conclusions after experiencing such a behavior by their feline friends!

Cats are peculiarly silly, admit it or not. They do more ‘silly’ things as compared to dogs. Just thinking about how silly and fun they are all incidents like these come to my mind…

A kitten cozying up inside various kitchenwares.  A group of cats running on a treadmill. A tabby kitten rummaging through a fridge of beverages. A ginger cat sleeping on cacti comfortably. A cat sticking through a holed slice of bread…

Too funny!

They can channel expressions similarly as us human beings. That’s probably why they are adorned by many pet owners…and others may be equally annoyed by them, perhaps (O:

It is no surprise for some feline owners to find their most adorned pet on top of their most adorned appliance. Ever remember that odd moment of uhoh; what is going to happen next?

Now getting back to the keyboard before I get carried away here, cat owners have speculated the reasons why their cats have been staying on their keyboards like it’s their crib.

They see (wanting) attention as one.

Many feline owners have suggested how and what their cats do in an attempt to draw their attention on a regular basis. Newspaper is a popular one my cat used to do. If I am reading a paper or something my cat just walked around and finally slumped  on the paper. If it couldn’t reach the paper then there it went with its continuous meows..

It is said that cats are attention seekers – they love attention, and these cats find various means to draw your attention away from whatever you are doing. Sure seems like that anyway!

Another one could be the love of warmth.

The second thing is that they love the warmth brought about by the computer when it has been turned on for quite a long time. They can even tolerate temperatures as high as 52°C, unlike humans who can only tolerate at 44°C. That should probably be the reason why they curl up like they are incubating an egg or something (O:

The thing with keyboards to them sure seems like a gift from heaven. They like all things soft, moving, and noisy. And apparently, keyboards possess all those characteristics…LOL… They probably unknowingly like the feeling of pressing keys on your keyboard so that your word processor screen appears to have:


This is MILO on the keyboard (O:

This is apparently something that no human can decode yet but cats do seem to have a lot of fun pressing the keys altogether. They like everything that appears on your laptop or PC screen. Sometimes I wonder if this is because they are curious on what makes us glued to the screens (O:

While some may find these acts adorable, some may find it otherwise especially in the long run. Cat owners who are particularly busy with work or whatever might not be able to tolerate the all-time attention seeking feline.

lightbulbThere are ways to handle this behavior. Before your cat dives onto your keyboard and stays there for an indefinite time; I have compiled some tips on how to deal with this feline phenomenon.

  1. As a pet lover I suggest the first thing you could do is to give them attention and forget about doing what you were doing (..which depends on what you were doing on the computer and how busy you are..)
  2. Second, little contrary to the first one, don’t play with them prior to you staying on the computer. That way, they are less likely to interrupt you when it’s time for you to focus and do some work.
  3. Next is to keep your laptop out of your feline buddy’s reach at all time. Even desktop keyboards can be put up.
  4. Ever see a cat on a keyboard, put it down…even if they are sleeping..which they tend to do a lot of times. Show that you are not tolerating it. Put her down every time she crawls over your keyboard. That way, it should signal her that you do not want her to be at the spot.
  5. Another good alternative, which I find works wonders, is to set up an box filled with styrofoam in another room. For sure, your cat would love to stay and play in that box instead of the keyboard.
  6. If all that don’t work, make use of her love for warmth! Change the bulb of your desk lamp to something that ejects more heat. That way, your cat will surely stay under the lamp and not on the keyboard.

That is pretty much about it! I hope that this article has helped you to understand your feline friend better. Let me know your thoughts!

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