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5 Best Wearable Techs for Pets

Fitbit, Apple Watch, GoPro, just to name a few, are some of the wearable techs that we really enjoy. Well, for some of us, we can’t live without them!

As the types of wearable techs are growing daily, we are seeing them evolve for more specific uses day by day. Pet Wearables is a very good example of this evolution in technology. Wearable techs are definitely going to be an essential part of our pet’s lifestyle in the future.

The phenomenon has already started…

The belief that pets have the power to improve their owners’ lives and that we are happier and healthier the more time we spend with them, is the driving force behind this phenomenon.

So, check out these 5 of the best wearable techs for your four-legged friend:

5) Wearable cameras with a harness

We all know about wearable cameras like Hero from GoPro and the sheer number of mounts and accessories available for it.

One missing accessory was a dog harness. But that all changed when Fetch came along.

Fetch is a harness that works with all versions of GoPro’s Hero cameras, and it attaches to your dog with relative ease.

The harness has two built-in camera mounts; One on the top of your dog’s back, and one on the front for placing a camera on your dog’s chest. Chest mount is removable to accommodate smaller dogs.

This fully adjustable harness fits dogs from 15 to 120 lbs (7 to 54 kg) and is padded at all adjustment points to ensure your pet’s comfort.

And the best thing about this is; it does not weigh a lot so can be worn by your pet for hours. Washable, water-friendly material holds up to swimming, splashing, mud and more.

Capture the world from your dog’s point of view using techs like Hero and Fetch from GoPro!

4) Fitbit for pets – PitPat

Pets require their much-needed exercise just like we do. Exercise keeps your dog healthy, but do you know if they’re getting the right amount?

PitPat gives you a fun way to find out. This tech tracks the amount of time your pet spends walking, running, or even resting.

The good thing about this gadget is that it lasts an entire year before it needs to be recharged. Just Attach PitPat to your pet’s collar, download the free iOS or Android app and track their health away – on your phone!

With PitPat you can track your dog’s activities and fitness and discover what they’ve done while you’ve been apart.

You can choose from over 200 breeds, set goals and track progress over time. PitPat is built with your dog in mind. It’s robust, waterproof, safe and comfortable to wear.

PitPat attaches to any collar with a strong VELCRO® strap and suits any breed. With a battery life of over a year, you can leave it on all the time.

Watch the video and Join the PitPat pack!

3) Read your pets’ emotions with INUPATHY

INUPATHY gives you a deeper understanding of your dog’s emotions by showing his/her feelings in real-time.

How cool would it be to know what kind of emotions your dog is going through? Just imagine how enriching you and your pet’s life would be. The relationship between you and your dog would be totally different. Don’t you agree?

INUPATHY is the world’s first mental visualizer for a pet, according to its inventor. It is designed like a harness where you simply slip it around your dog’s body.

A heart rate sensor is mounted on the belt, and the full-color LEDs on the back will show your dog’s emotional state. The emotional state is estimated from the heart rate pattern analysis.

The color and light pattern will show you whether your dog is happy, excited or relaxed. Excitement is shown in red, Calmness is shown in blue, Happiness is shown by beautiful rainbow pattern and white light flashes when Concentration is detected.

Visualizing your dog’s emotion will undoubtedly make life with dog more fun. But this gadget also has a dual purpose. It also collects daily health data of your dog by HRV (Heart Rate Variability) analysis.

Feel together, live together with INUPATHY:

2) The Activity Tracker by Otto Petcare Systems

Pets thrive best when they are happy and healthy. To achieve that, finding the right balance between exercise and food intake is crucial. The Activity Tracker by Otto Petcare is part of a system that is designed to balance energy expenditure with energy consumption.

Using the latest technology in accelerometers and gyroscopes, people at Otto have developed a tracking device that attaches to a pet’s collar, collecting complete data on their activity.

Connected wirelessly to Cloud Services, the Activity Tracker contrasts the collected data with pet’s specific breed and age, letting you know whether your pet is getting the right amount of exercise for their target range while providing you with feeding advice.

Features of the Activity Tracker:

Learn more about the Otto Petcare Systems:

1) GPS Tracker – WÜF ONE Smart Collar.

Losing a pet may be one of the worst things that could happen to a pet parent.

Thanks to technology, nowadays, losing your pet is a thing of the past. There are so many GPS trackers available in the market; you can virtually track whatever you want, whenever you want.

One of our favorite such tracker that tracks pets is most definitely the WÜF ONE Smart Collar.

What Can WÜF Do For You and Your Pet?

  • GPS Location Tracking to track your pet anywhere, anytime
  • Set invisible boundary with Virtual Fence and take your dog anywhere without a leash using invisible virtual leash
  • Monitor your dog’s activities to see if it is getting the required exercise plus amazing insights and recommendations regarding food and exercise
  • Vets can have direct access to every data, enabling proactive care instead of reactive care
  • Two-way communication possible without being around your pet, totally changing how you interact and train pets
  • Training modules are also available on how to train your dog with voice command without being anywhere close to them
  • And so much more; check WÜF ONE Smart Collar website to find out more.

Its GPS allows you to see where your pet is and teaches you how to train them to return home. YUP! Now, beat that!

If you know any other awesome wearable tech for pets, let the readers know by commenting below.

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